Sports Packages:

VIDEO YOUR MATCH – typically from £125

Although most of our work is with our partner clubs, we are often asked and able to cover one-off games and local cup finals. Please contact us to check our availability and ask for a quotation which will be based on the level of service you need.


Depending on the location, we may be able to live stream your event for additional charges, which is something we gained plenty of experience of during the Pandemic.

Match Highlights

On either the Club’s YouTube Channel or FCVideo Channel. If on FCVideo, then Under 18’s finals will be unlisted, and a link provided to the club to publicise as they feel appropriate
•    Normally within 48 hours of all the required information being provided to FCVideo
•    Graphics will require players’ names/numbers to be provided
•    Sponsor’s Logos can be incorporated if requested

If you require a 2nd cameraman to provide alternative angles, close ups etc, an additional charge of £85 will be made for each package.

Player-Cam: £90 (unedited) / £100 (edited)

With some GCSEs & A-Levels now requiring video footage of team sports, we have been able to help, with a camera focussed on the performance of the individual student.